• Educate Consumers and Investors about their rights and create awareness enabling them to protect themselves from being exploited.
  • Provide a forum for redressal of Consumers’ and Investors’ grievances and to discuss the contemporary issues facing them so that concrete steps can be suggested for providing better and improved services to them.
  • Undertake effective contact programme and liaison with agencies, governmental and non-governmental, involved in the task of Consumers’ and Investors’ protection.
  • Guide Consumers’ about malpractices such as misinformation, cheating and overcharging, non-adherence to various legislation etc leading to their exploitation.
  • Suggest the Government and various other agencies about the steps, including the enactment of various legislation that could be taken to protect the interest of consumers and investors. Also assist the Government/ non- government agencies
  • Consumers/Investors by bringing in light the various latent malpractice’s followed by different agencies against the interests of Consumers/Investors.
  • Guide and counsel the consumers and investors about products and services, and other such innovations in the broader areas of marketing to maximize the utility and return to them.
  • Guide, counsel and create awareness amongst agencies serving Consumers’ and investors of the investment and marketing ethics for creating and atmosphere of trust and confidence amongst consumers and investors.
  • Carry survey and research in the areas of consumer behavior and marketing of different products/services in India and abroad to facilitate the diffusion of useful products and services effectively, introduced by various Government/non-Government agencies providing an effective marketing system aimed at effective, and efficient utilization of scarce national resources and maximizing the Consumers Welfare as also to improve their living standards.
  • To offer recognition and awards to agencies, corporations and individuals involved in the task of Consumers/Investors protection and known to be working effectively for providing better services to consumers/investors.
  • To cooperated with other similar organizations within the country and abroad.


  • Organize conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures.
  • Summer Schools, short-term courses, debates, discussions, competitions, contests and other such programmes. Publish and facilitate the publication of journals and magazines, research studies, books, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets and other survey and research materials.
  • Under-take and promote research and impart education about relevant legislation enacted to protect consumers and other related fields.
  • Provide a forum for interaction to various agencies concerned or involved in the broader areas of consumers and investors protection, corporate and financial market studies as also the various aspects of marketing discipline etc.
  • Conduct various courses in the areas of marketing and finance as are related to the consumer and investor protection after getting due approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Represent itself at conferences etc. both, national and international.
  • Undertake projects sponsored by Government and various other agencies within the broad framework of the objectives of the Society.
  • Affiliate regional and other Associations/Societies with similar objectives and establish its own local chapters.